Where do power rack exercise

In the fitness equipment, there are a lot of equipment is very good, such as power rack, and whether it is power rack¬†or other equipment has a very good exercise effect, but there are many people do not know what is power rack, of course, some people know. So, what is a power rack? Where does power rack¬†exercise? Now let’s take a look at the power rack!

What is power rack

The power rack is actually composed of five parts, namely, beam, chassis, column, guide beam and fulcrum. These five parts can make the power rack have the function of lifting and moving goods. But in fact, there is a very big advantage of power rack which can exercise with a very large person. And the reason why we call him power rack is that there is a column shape on both sides of his shelf, which is like a dragon’s column, so we call it power rack.

Where do power rack exercise

power rack is a good fitness equipment for best home strength training equipment all parts of the body. If the power rack is used to make low-level rope chest clamp, it can be well trained to the upper part of the chest muscle. If you are doing high-level cord chest clamp, then in time, can exercise to the lower chest muscle. That is, the power rack can exercise the chest muscles up and down. At the same time, it has a good exercise effect on biceps brachii and triceps brachii. And if you want to exercise the muscles in your back, you can also use high-level rope to pull down, which can exercise the lower part of the latissimus dorsi well, and use certain methods to exercise our trapezius.

power rack exercise

1. rope chest clamp

The best way to use power rack to exercise chest is to clamp the chest by rope. In most cases, the power rack is used to help you exercise your back. If you exercise your chest, it is very good to use the power rack rope to clamp the chest. At the beginning of the movement, you need to use the announcement, that is, the step of crossing to stabilize your body, then fix the elbow, and take the light weight. However, in the process of doing this action, our body is actually like holding a wooden barrel. The most important thing to pay attention to is to be standardized. If the action is not too standard, it is likely to exercise other parts and may cause muscle damage.

2. standing rope pull down

The rope pull-down action is to first need everyone to stand, when standing, two feet open and shoulder width, then hold the two ends of the handle, then let the body slightly forward, in the use of the strength of the latissimus dorsi, the contraction of the latissimus dorsi, pull our arms down, that is, in this action, we can use the force, the handle to the chest position, You can stop, about two seconds, and then use the back to slowly restore your body’s posture. In this process, the most important thing to notice is.

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