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Our loyal and valued customers have helped our business grow and today we are the largest high end quality diamond blade company that sells direct. Please look over our products and don’t hesitate to e-mail or call. Again thank you for visiting and we look forward to a long and rewarding business relationship. For friction cutting ferrous metals up to 1″. Blades are run at very high SFPM which creates high frictional heat allowing the blade to burn or melt away the material. Full hard teeth and a hardened back for heavier feed pressures. This quality allows for more tension and added rigidity resulting in straighter cuts in contour cutting. Blade BundlesSave money by purchasing one of our DL5000 or DL7000 Blade Bundles.

The steel blade cores for these aggressive uses are thicker, heat-treated, precision-ground and tensioned. The extra thickness and heat treatment allows the core to withstand the flexing stress from the heavier equipment and higher horsepower. The precision grind on the surface minimizes the drag while the establishing the tension of the flatness of the blade at a specific rpm range. Such laser welded diamond saw blades are used for cutting concrete, asphalt or some dry cutting. The wear rate and cutting speed for the diamond segment and diamond saw blade can be classified to the ability of a metal to resist wear from abrasion. Metal bonded with low abrasion resistance like bronze are considered as soft bond.

A member of our professional sales team will be able to advise you on the most appropriate blade and machinery for the task at hand. To secure a diamond blade in Brisbane, Melbourne, and across Australia, contact us today. Whether you’re looking for diamond saw blades in Sydney or Broome, MK Diamond Australia can assist you. We stock a comprehensive range of diamond saw blades for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. Talk to our experts to find the best blade for your budget and application. Our ‘Easy-fit’ system allows the expansion of the bore hole from 20.0 to 25.4 mm.

For mortar raking, the Spectrum RD6 Plus mortar raking diamond blade removes mortar from brickwork and other abrasive materials, or the Forcex Mortar Raking diamond blade. We also have mortar raking tools for a fast and efficient removal, or brick removing mortar raking long reach tools for deep mortar joints, allowing bricks to be removed without damage. Click and collect online or spend over £25 and get free delivery. Silver brazed diamond blades’ diamond segments are brazed to the steel core using a silver solder.diamond cup grinding wheels supplier If they are used in dry cuttings, the silver solder may melt and the segments can break from the steel core and become a serious safety hazard. However, when cutting very hard or abrasive materials, e.g., concrete containing reinforcing rebar, laser welded diamond blades should also be used with adequate water. Otherwise, it is possible for the diamond segment itself to break or the steel core below the segment to wear and break, creating serious safety hazards.

Tile-cutting diamond saw blades cut brittle masonry materials where chipping is a concern, such as glazed tile. General purpose diamond-grit saw blades cut masonry and other materials and are used for light-duty intermittent use and general maintenance. As well as providing the most appropriate diamond blade in Sydney and across Australia, you can rely on us for a full range of other cutting, coring, and polishing equipment. Tailor your slotted diamond circular blade by choosing the proper grit size. Coarse diamond grit will provide greater cutting efficiency but may reduce the quality of the cut. A finer grit diamond coating may provide superior cut finish and reduce chipping of material, however could potential reduce cutting efficiency. With Vari-Cut diamond blades you get quality, reliability and performance at a reasonable cost. You can use file and oil stone to sharpen the standard wood cutting blades that are made out of steel. If you just need aggressive, speedy cutting, then go for a segmented blade.

Fine & uniform grit – perform excellent cuts and nearly eliminate chipping on both the surface of the glass tile and its other side. GREEN blades are notched-rim blades for general lapidary such as slabbing. Hard edge flexible back with extra thickness (.032) for extra rigidity, strength and blade life in the woodworking industries, particullarly furniture manufacturers. Unique tooth design for cutting larger structural shapes such as I-beam, angle and thick wall tubing. Tooth profile delivers aggressive cutting performance while resisting tooth strippage. Unique group tooth set along with the broach tooth design, delivers smoother cuts with less noise and vibration. Dexpan is a cement with amazing 18,000 psi expansive strength when mixed with water. Poured into pre-drilled holes, Dexpan can crack and split concrete and rocks safely and quietly, while providing silent cracking. Concrete removal, rock breaking and stone quarrying, mining has never been easier with Dexpan Non-Explosive Demolition Agent. Click here to check out news, updates and case stories related to our products.

They are made by notching the rim of the blade blank and embedding the diamonds into the notches. The code, which is in a three-letter format separated by dashes, will be permanently imprinted on the blade. And it will tell you at a glance whether the blade is for wet or dry use, what type of material it can cut, and the saw type it’s designed to work with. Expect to pay several hundred dollars or more, depending on the blade diameter. If that’s more than you’re willing to invest for an occasional cutting job, diamond polishing pads manufacturers consider hiring a professional sawing contractor to do the work. To locate a contractor in your area, visit the member directory of the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association . The metal core, a precision-engineered steel disk with a segmented rim that holds the diamonds.

Our owners and technicians have traveled extensively in the US and Canada to re-tip and straighten blades that our competitors claimed were un-repairable. We have a vast knowledge of most stones in the US and Canada, and our technicians have been trained in diamond segment re-tipping and German hammer smithing. Our goal is to help make your business more profitable with the most efficient and longest lasting tools on the market. As a world-leader in precision diamond blade manufacturing, we can supply you with a quality diamond blade in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or around the country. Our advanced diamond cutting blades are suitable for a range of industries and applications, including concrete, tiling, masonry and construction. Slotted diamond circular saw blades by NIABRAZE are proven to work with many applications.

association and the stone association where we have the opportunity to gain acquaintance with the newest and the best diamond tools technique and stone from all over the world. Based on this advantage, ChinShine is striving to become the best cost-effect manufacturer of stone cutting tools and diamond tools. Silver brazed welding is the most popular for the stone cutting blades, people buy diamond segments and weld them to the blade blank by silver welded, they are easy for individual welding. Advanz DG Advanz DG is ideal for specialized applications involving extremely hard and/or abrasive materials such as glass-fired ceramics, stone, silicon and laminated fiberglass. Advanz DG is ideal for specialized applications involving extremely hard and/or abrasive materials such as glass-fired ceramics, stone, silicon and laminated fiberglass. If you fabricate quartz surfaces, you may be surprised to see that Tenax offers blades for stone fabrication. Learn about these specially designed blades for cutting all sorts of surfaces. ​MDF is a very dense material and since it is compressed it is very hard on the blades, so if you are cutting a lot of MDF you may want to get a couple of blades, just in case. Our diamond segments utilize the highest standard of materials and manufacturing technology, supported by 40 years of experience in cutting hard materials.

Diamond and CBN blades offer thin blades that remove small amounts of material and reduce the surface damage. Both these pallet band saw blades are specifically designed for the pallet recycling & pallet dismantling industry. Wider kerf helps prevent blade damage due to binding when cutting stacked or bundled beams and tubing. My new Diamond Laser 7000 is wonderful on stone slabs cut with your saws. As the manufacturer of the Sterling® family of world class saw blades, we use the latest technology to ensure precise and consistent quality. This diamond tool has a good performance/price ratio thanks to the high performance output in relation to the tool investment. The design of the segment provides a reduced contact surface in the concrete. This gives a quick start in a controlled manner, when applying a new blade. So many people invest so much thought into what kind of circular saw they are going to buy for a job that they forget to think about what sort of blade they are going to use. By using this guide, you can make an informed purchase about what circular saw blades to use for each job; which will save you time and money down the road.

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