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Fuel economy and mileage may vary among motorcycle models within a family. Your mileage may vary depending on your personal riding habits, weather conditions, trip length, vehicle condition and vehicle configuration and other conditions. The Spanish brand may not be as well known in the States as others, but Shad has been making and licensing OEM cases for years. The SH36 is shaped specifically to be able to hold an XXL full-face helmet in each case. The SH36 is fully waterproof, lockable, impact resistant, and holds 36L of storage per case. In order to mount these cases, you will need the Shad specific 3P mounting system. Double check the product description to see if it’s possible to change the fit of the bag you’re interested in.

A motorcycle backpack is designed with the needs of the rider at the center. This means it is designed to be comfortable when in a riding position. It is designed to deal with a host of weather conditions and to be durable enough to deal with regular use and even the occasional fall. Weight – The empty bag needs to be as light as possible. Remember that it will soon gain weight once it is full and all that weight will be focused on your back. If the bike backpack does not distribute the weight of the contents evenly, then you could find yourself leaning to compensate. As well as being uncomfortable, this is potentially dangerous. Water resistance – Choose a backpack that is weatherproof or that comes complete with its own rain cover to create a waterproof motorcycle Backpack. This is the only way to ensure that your belongs do not get soaked through in bad weather or unexpected rain storms.

Zip the expansion open, and it accommodates even more items. The rain fly is compact, sturdy, and secure in both small and extended mode, and it’s rubber-coated so it doesn’t leak. Overall, it’s a well-made bag with a great inside top mesh pocket and convenient interior load/compression straps. All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. The hooks on the bungee cords may scratch your bike, and the zippers aren’t the best quality. Financing Offer available only on new 2019 Harley-Davidson® Touring motorcycle models financed through Eaglemark Savings Bank and is subject to credit approval.

BC003-2 Elegant Shape Waterproof Dry Duffel Bag

It provides the storage you need, and many are easy to attach and remove, so you don’t have to leave one on your bike unprotected overnight. Check out some of the best motorcycle tail bags on the market in our buying guide below. Besides offering the advantage of keeping your belongings safe as well as in a convenient location tank bags for motorcycles do not hinder your ride. The magnetic tank bag can be easily installed or removed and is available in wide variety to suit the needs and demands of different riders. These bags are available in various sizes to accommodate all your belongings. With tank bags in place a rider need not carry a bag on his shoulders anymore.

Harley believes in producing bags for all occasions and of all designs. This one has durable ballistic nylon to offer good support along with full grain leather trim. The bag has detachable straps and the flap is secured with two durable plastic buckles. The bag can be used as a daily saddle bag, travel bag, and riding bag. It comes in two variations of militia inspired designs–camouflage green and army printed yellow color. Being lightweight, spacious, and comfortable to carry around, it’s one of the first choices for people who carry a lot without compromising on their style quotient. It contains smooth and fine military zippers and has wide and comfortable braces.

Cool Walker is always ready to offer trendy designer-inspired fashion and this bag is one of their masterpieces which promises to offer smart service. It combines the best features of messenger bags and fanny packs. While you might have had women buying messenger bags before, there are a good many options for men too these days. Be it messenger bags, sling bags, fanny packs, handler pouches and so on–the market is emphasising that designer and stylish bags should not be generalized only for the fairer sex. No matter what motorcycle the system is manufactured for, or adapted to, it has and will remain an invaluable component of our travel luggage ensemble. On a related note, another earlier hunch had also paid off when it was discovered that the FAMSA tankset from an even longer-departed V-Strom could be fitted successfully to the Adventure. The FAMSA 260 Tankset System was specifically designed for off-road, dual-purpose and adventure-touring motorcycles.

Before each ride, take time to check all your equipment. Always wear an approved helmet, eye protection, long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, gloves and boots. Always be sure your bike is in first-class condition before riding. Keep it well-maintained and always outfitted in accordance with state and local laws. Every motorcycle rider should be aware of the limits of his or her skills, experience and abilities and in accordance with state and local laws. Beginners should be extremely cautious and allow extra time and distance for maneuvering and braking. Saddlemen® encourages you to ride safely and respect the environment. From the motorcyclist to scooter rider short or long journey when it comes to motorcycle accessories GIVI wants to be for all users. Check out the reviews of the Leather Swing Arm Bag by Q-Ball at

Look out for good quality material which is weatherproof. The bag needs to be able to handle light rain at the least and ideally contain a rain cover for super wet weather conditions. Strong, durable polyester is a good material for tank bags. Our pick for the best motorcycle tail bag is the Nelson Rigg Black Commuter Tour Motorcycle Tail/Seat Bag. It has UV protection, quick-release buckles, and is expandable for extra storage. Unfortunately, there is no rain cover with this bag, so the contents may get wet in a downpour. Also, it doesn’t fit all motorcycles, and there have been some complaints that it’s a little too small. This bag is designed to fit a wide variety of motorcycles and is made of industrial-grade ballistic urethane-coated nylon. It’s attached using an adjustable bungee mount system that can be stored in a hideaway compartment when not in use. It is 12 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 5 inches high and can hold 7 liters.

Handlebar bags are perfect for keeping your gear close at hand. Gear like gloves, electronic devices and maps can be reached easily so you don’t have to dig through your luggage at a stop. Roll Bags add even more storage as they can be strapped on top of rack bags and sissy bar bags. They can also be mounted on a storage rack or onto a sissy bar. The roll bag is a very iconic design as it has a long tradition of being on motorcycles. Whether you’re packing for a cross-country ride or for your commute to work, you need good motorcycle luggage to carry your things and to keep them protected. There are many different styles of bags to choose from with different options for different styles of bikes.

is our recommendation as the best motorcycle tail bag for most riders. Whether you’re going on shorter, local rides, or heading on a longer trip, you’re bound to find this bag to be a practical choice. It’s easy to install, has plenty of storage, and is durable for regular use. Nelson Rigg is a popular, well-known, and reliable motorcycle brand. It’s easy for us to recommend the Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag because of these qualities. If you’re looking for a durable tail bag that’s easy to install and comes with ample storage, this is what we recommend. The Nelson Rigg ST2 Commuter Bag is our top recommendation as the best motorcycle tail bag for most riders.

This versatile bag can be mounted on your handlebars, fork, or the rear of your motorcycle. It has two quick-release buckles on the front of the bag to retain your gear and keep the weather out. It’s good for storing small personal items that you’ll need quick access to. The advantages or modular luggage systems are limited only by your own creativity, and really are endlessly customizable for your particular bike and luggage needs. They can be piggybacked onto one another, mounted on the plastic number plates on a dual sport or enduro bike, and they can sit on a rear fender, pillion seat or cowl just like a tail pack. It’s like a quick draw holster for your cash, ID card, EZ pass or whatever you need most often. Especially popular in the European market, hip bags (or “bum bags” as they call them across the pond), present a highly functional luggage solution for smaller payloads. Here at Nelson-Rigg USA, Inc. we use the latest technology, design and innovation in all of our award winning accessories. We have been producing the very best motorcycle apparel, soft luggage and motorcycle covers since 1972. Always remember to review your Motorcycle Owner’s Manual before you ride.

Attach the RickRak to your luggage rack and you are ready to ride in less than 20 seconds. Safely and quickly attaches your bag to your Harley Davidson Tour Pak luggage rack without chance of damage to your bike. A leather motorcycle hip bag purse is great to clip on to your belt loops while you ride to keep your personal items close at hand, they are even great to wear around town. Some of our styles are even made right here in the USA all from high quality genuine cowhide leather. Choose from cute embroidered styles with studded detail and reflective embellishments or the cute double fringe leather clip bag. The FAMSA 260 tank bag and panniers tankset assembly simply delivers. Even with the custom strapping used, the panniers still go on and off in a couple of minutes without disturbing the tank bag assembly itself, a feature very much appreciated of the FAMSA system.

We have a wide variety of motorcycle bags and luggage at Dennis Kirk. You can set your bike up to haul everything that you need on your bike or just the essentials. We have both leather and textile motorcycle luggage to choose from and all at the best prices. Saddlebags are the most common type of motorcycle luggage and part of that is because they can work on all types of bikes. Hard sided saddlebags are a great option for touring bikes as they are very durable and can handle being used all of the time. Soft sided saddlebags, whether they are leather or textile offer greater versatility and can be removed from the bike quickly. Sometimes even to run a universal luggage setup like a set of throw over saddlebags, there is a bike specific part of the equation. Viking Bags manufactures all of the items that are listed on this website.

This motorcycle storage bag from The Nekid Cow is a synthetic leather bag featuring quick-release buckle closure and weather-resistant construction. Nekid Cow’s bag is a good choice for holding phones, wallets, and other small items while protecting them from wet weather. We like the heavy-duty material that this bag is built from. It’s very lightweight, weighing less than half of a pound. It’ll fit across any motorcycle’s handlebars, but it’s most at home on a dirt bike or an adventure, dual-sport motorcycle. Elastic bungee nets and adjustable cam lock luggage straps are compact enough to keep in a jacket pocket, fork bag, or even OEM underseat storage area / tool kit compartment. If you don’t already carry something sort of tie down mechanism with you, start now – it will pay for itself the very first time it gets you out of a jam. With reliable roll top closures and durable, flexible taped or welded seam construction, dry bags are the creme de la creme of soft luggage solutions. Some dry bag designs are integrated into backpacks, messenger bags and even waist pack tool rolls – but the majority are designed as modular units. This black hardshell motorcycle trunk is large with a 47-liter storage capacity, and it’s made from a special grade PP material.

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