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You may need something with serious cutting power while others might want something as a hobby device, or to help their up and coming Etsy store. This laser engraving machine has a sealed laser tube, with a lifetime of up to hours, and a 50W laser head. VEVOR Laser Engraver 50W CO2 Laser Cutter is the laser cutter and engraver on the higher price tag, but the powerful performance entirely justifies it. Although it isn’t suitable to cut and engrave metals, this machine is perfect for suitable wood, textile, industrial architectural modeling, specialty advertising, plastics, rubber stamps, picture framing and so on.

Since fiber systems don’t have any moving parts or consumables, they require very little maintenance. Fiber laser components are also very durable, with a laser source that has a mean time between failures of 100,000 hours. Our machines are designed by experts who make sure they comply with all applicable safety standards. This way, you’re certain that your machine is safely integrated in your production line, and you don’t need to worry about additional safety measures. Conveyor machines can account for all types of positioning variations that occur on conveyors.

For example, the color of the stainless steel changes at temperatures between 200°C and 300°C. Perfect black markings are possible on stainless steel and titanium, but not on other metals. Polishing leaves a white marking on stainless steel and other metals. The energy of the laser is reduced so that less material evaporates.

Desktop fiber laser marking machine belong to the solid state laser group. They generate a laser beam by means of the so-called seed laser and amplify it in specially designed glass fibers, which are supplied with energy via pump diodes. With a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers, fiber lasers produce an extremely small focal diameter; as a result their intensity is up to 100 times higher than that of CO2 lasers with the same emitted average power.

As a simple yet flexible manually loaded machine, the Flex workstation allows you to pick the features you need from our advanced laser technology while minimizing your investment for part traceability. Simply fill out the form below and you will receive information about our laser machines and how you can grow your business with unlimited possibilities. AP Lazer wants to provide you with the latest and most relevant information for our industry. We add articles constantly and cover a wide array of subjects.

ray fine laser

In this manner, only a particular depth of material is removed when the engraving takes place. A simple machined stick or angle-iron can be used as a tool to help trained technologists adjust the engraver to achieve the required focusing. This setup is preferred for surfaces which do not vary in height appreciably.

The laser marking process offers greater processing speed than other marking and labeling methods, resulting in time and money savings during marking operations. After the laser passes through the laser, it will illuminate the focusing field mirror with a parallel beam. Most of the conventional laser marking equipment USES a convex lens. Complete part traceability is an essential component for compliance with ISO quality standards.

The marking of organic materials like wood is based on material carbonisation which produces darkening of the surface and marks with high contrast. Directly “burning” images on wood were some of the first uses of engraving lasers. The laser power required here is often less than 10 watts depending on the laser being used as most are different. Hardwoods like walnut, mahogany and maple produce good results.

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