Will the Computer Replace the Mankind and Become the Host of the Earth?(II)

Out of control of the computer is absolutely not a good thing, can we imagine a scenario where a uncontrolled computer can coexist peacefully with humans: computers at that time no longer need human development and manufacturing, because they can learn and improve themselves, they also have their own factories “multiply” themselves, because there is no common interest to dispute with human beings, so there will be no conflict with human beings and peaceful coexistence with mankind. If they are grateful, they will be grateful that humans bring them to the world, and they will use their power to help humanity. square steel tubing This seems to be a very beautiful hypothesis. In fact, we have neglected many problems. Do they really have no common disputes with humans? Do they compete with humans for the limited resources of the earth in order to “multiply” and grow themselves? Are there any evils and greed in their “thoughts”? Will human beings be regarded as enemies, will the extermination of human beings be the ultimate goal? That will be a disaster for mankind.

Of course, these all are our imagine, for the current, the development of the artificial is useful for us, as for what problems will happen in the future, we believe we have higher wisdom to handle.

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