Natural wonders – The Grand Canyon(II)

Geographic Environment

The Grand Canyon is located in the northwest of Arizona and southwest of the Colorado Plateau. It is one of the great canyons in the world and one of the seven wonders of nature on earth.Steel Pipe Suppliers

In the mid-16th century, a team of expeditions organized by Francisco Vásquezde Coronado, born in Spain, sought to find the legendary “river” in the western United States. The expedition employs four Hopi guides who tell them to walk along the river for a few days, where some very tall people live. It took them 20 days to reach the legendary river and finally found the Grand Canyon.


The rocks of the Grand Canyon are mostly red color. The rocks from the bottom to the top of the canyon are distributed in different stages from Cambrian to Cenozoic. They have clear layers and different tones. They also contain representative fossils of different geological ages. They are called “living textbooks of geological history”.

More peculiar quaintness is that although the soil here is mostly brown, when it is bathed in the sun, according to the intensity of the sun’s light, the color of the rocks is sometimes dark blue, sometimes brown, sometimes red, changeable, showing the beauty and mystery of nature.

The horizontal strata of the canyon wall are clear and clear. This is the geological sediment of billions of years ago. Like the annual rings of trees, it provides a sufficient basis for people to understand the geological changes.

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