In the Age of 5G, Computer will not be Swallowed by Smart Phones

The development of smart phones is changing with each passing day, and the functions are becoming more and more complete. In recent years, the discussion about whether computers will be replaced by mobile phones is endless. At the World Mobile Communications Conference held not long ago, the world-renowned mobile phone manufacturers announced the launch of a folding screen 5G mobile phone, which seems to push this possibility to reality again. However, Yang Yuanqing, the NPC deputy and chairman of Lenovo Group, does not agree with this view. During this year’s National Conference, Yang Yuanqing said in an exclusive interview with the Global Times that smart phones are just a consumer tool, not a productivity tool, and there is still much room for innovation in personal computers.

In response to a reporter’s question about the future development path of personal computers, Yang Yuanqing said that there must be a lot of room for innovation in personal computers. We think that personal computers should develop into personal smart computers. Now talking about the PC Internet to the mobile Internet, and then down is a new phase of the smart Internet of Things. With the arrival of 5G, we will push the PC to be always online, and we will add some artificial intelligence engines, such as the speech engine and video image engine, so that it can communicate with you more naturally,steel pipes manufacturers whether it is using voice, handwriting or gestures. Can interact with it.

Yang Yuanqing believes that there will be a lot of room for development in the future. Everyone is worried that the computer will be completely swallowed up by smartphones. There is no such worry now. A mobile phone is a consumer tool, not a productivity tool. As a productivity tool, computers will never be replaced. In addition, with the arrival of 5G, the long-term video demand will be higher and higher, so I believe that the computer is good, the tablet is good, it will have greater use. When talking about the opportunities and challenges brought by 5G technology, Yang Yuanqing said that 5G is never the same as 3G and 4G. Everyone just stares at a terminal. In the face of 5G, in the field of terminal equipment, we will continue to work as always. Lenovo is the first to release 5G terminals. We will realize 5G through modularization. In the second half of this year, we will also have 5G mobile phones released, but the opportunities of 5G are not only in In the terminal field, back-end equipment is also a huge opportunity.

In the future 5G construction, the number of base stations will be much more than 4G. If special equipment is used, the cost is too high, and if open equipment is used, the cost of 5G construction will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the application of 5G is not only used by consumers to mix networks, but also used by enterprises in the future. It may be possible to make every enterprise seem to build a private network by slicing. To be able to slice and provide enterprises with such virtual private network services, they must be based on open source standardization related technologies. In these areas, Lenovo is also actively preparing.

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