About Programming PHP(I)

Now, for website design, generally PHP is really popular for applying because of its free version and opening script language. Certainly, this is not main reason, another reason for PHP’s popularity is about special language structure mixed with a lot of merits from C language, Java language and Perl language. It may be faster to run active web page comparing to CGI and Perl. For the most of newbies and students in major of programming, let us read below for its concrete content.tin plate suppliers

What should I do as a beginner?

As a beginner, normally we cannot be urgent and impatient when we learn it. At the first, we have to know some basic knowledge such as HTML and CSS and so on. These basic programming knowledge may be better to assist you to understand PHP language very well.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), an application under the Standard Markup Language (GML), as an international standard language for defining the structure and content of electronic documents. Well, about Hypertext, according its definition, It means that the page can contain non-text elements such as pictures, links, even music, programs, etc.

A hypermedia document on the World Wide Web (WWW) is called a page. As an organization or individual, the page where the starting point is placed on the World Wide Web, is called Home Page or Main Page. Home page usually includes pointers (hyperlinks) pointing to other related pages or other nodes. The so-called hyperlinks are a kind of Uniform Resource Locator (abbreviated as URL). By activating (clicking) it, browsers can easily access other new pages.

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